Life Is Like a Roller-Coaster Ride, and You Need Self-Control to Survive

What you need to know about self-control

Self-control is an individual’s ability to subdue impulses to achieve his or her goals rather than immediately responding to these impulses. Most of the time, people evaluate and plan to avoid the things that they will regret later in life. The ability of a person to exert self-control is called willpower. This allows the person to direct his attention to their g . . .

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chronic health problems

The Effect of Chronic Health Problems on Mood

Chronic health conditions are disheartening, so be proactive to live life to its fullest

Chronic health problems usually cannot be prevented by medication. People over 65 years old are prone to chronic diseases, which are caused by health-harmful activities like smoking, poor eating behaviors, too much alcohol intake, and lack of physical workout.

Can chronic stress cause health problems? Yes, since li . . .

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Socializing with People Is Essential in Your Life

You should realize the true meaning of socializing

Are you a type of person who does not spend time with other people? If you are one of these persons, then you should grow out of your comfort zone and start socializing. It is a great feeling when you are surrounded by friends and acquaintances. They provide comfort and support in times of need. Having and keeping friends . . .

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How Shyness Kills Relationships

Here are effective ways to overcome shyness

Shyness can break relationships and can lower self-esteem. Most people experience shyness, but some cannot overcome it no matter what they do. In order to conquer it, one should first know the cause of shyness.

One of the main causes of shyness is people are uncomfortable voicing out their thoughts and opinions.

Shyness can be a big problem for couples. Mo . . .

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Silence as Tell-Tale Signs of a Person’s Mood

Meaningful Ways to Interpret Silence

Sometimes, it is better to keep your mouth shut. But there are some who would misunderstand your silence and judge you based on it. If you wish to interact with people, effective communication is key. Here are ways to help you communicate effectively and escape the burden of silence.


Make your intentions more transparent, and be more vocal about things. Be . . .

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