How you can bring hope to others in distress?

Key ways to make people hopeful


Life is full of unexpected turns and twists and there is only one way to get through them – a person needs to understand that there is a great future past all these, in short, he/she needs to keep hope. Without it life can become actually miserable and the adversities may leave a severe impact on the foreseeable future.

Giving hope to someone hopeless means helping the person accept the idea that he/she can work to make better outcomes, instead of accepting the way things are. Here are some effective ways through which anyone can try to make other people hopeful.

Deserving of happiness

Everyone in this world deserves to be happy, though sometimes people mistakenly believe the opposite. One should try to make those people understand that he/she deserves happiness, regardless of what his/her life is going through. In addition, it’s a less selfish act to be happy as it allows the person to be more compassionate and generous with others.

It takes time to change

A person in his/her effort of becoming an agent of hope should try to remind others that it takes time for positive changes to occur. Hope depends on sustained optimism over the long-term instead of giving up too quickly. Issues, regardless of their extent, usually don’t get solved overnight but a person needs to stay hopeful and keep on working to make things better.

It’s also important to note that the practice of giving hope to others is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. When a person imparts hope to others, usually that person himself/herself becomes even more hopeful.



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