How to let God in

Key ways to embrace God

How to let God in

There are  lots of people who try hard to have control of everything in their lives and fail miserably. The truth is there are lots of distractions and factors that make it simply impossible – from sickness to financial constraints to lack of spiritual power. Worrying about the future doesn’t change a single thing in life and it doesn’t solve any problem. In this scenario, the only way is to surrender to God.

‘Let go and let God’ is an extremely popular phrase in the realm of recovery. What it actually means is letting God guide a person’s life and control everything. It’s much difficult than said as humans, by nature, tend to take control back whenever they feel afraid and go with their own plans.

Here are some effective ways to embrace God.

Starting each day with prayer

One of the most effective ways to embrace God is starting every day with prayer. It means speaking to God, telling Him that the person is thankful for the sacrifice He made and inviting God’s Spirit to guide his/her day. Simply, a person needs to talk to God first before talking to anyone.

Confessing the need for control

Though people crave control, changing this mindset is crucial to embrace God. Through prayer, one needs to confess his/her need for control and admit that this mindset isn’t going to get him/her anywhere. This will help the person to surrender his/her control and more fully embrace God.

Sometime, it may feel impossible to surrender control and let God in, but with the help of above tips, one should be able to achieve it.


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