How to end the stigma of mental illness?

Top ways of reducing stigma of mental health issue

mental illness

Undeniably, mental illness is a highly challenging condition, but it’s extremely common as well. In the U.S., about one in five adults goes through some form of this condition in any given year, according to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). However, despite its widespread presence, stigmas around mental health issues persist.

Here are some simple yet highly effective ways of reducing stigma triggered by mental health conditions.

Open conversations

Cancer was once considered a taboo to talk about, but it’s the power of honest and open conversations that made it de-stigmatized and, as a result, people are talking about it freely these days. Similarly, everyone needs to talk more about different aspects associated with mental illness to help it become normalized.

Supporting people who are receiving treatment

People sometimes tend to avoid persons going through mental health care, which isn’t right. Instead, everyone should encourage the people who’ve decided to seek professional help to steer clear of the stigma. Minimizing a person’s mental health symptoms or discouraging him/her from seeking medical help would only worsen the scenario and may bring severe negative consequences.

Nurturing mental health

There’re lots of people who focus on their physical well-being only, overlooking the importance of mental health. In order to reduce or prevent the stigma of mental health issues from arriving, everyone needs to maintain optimum mental health by doing things that help to nurture it.

Apart from the above, there’re lots of professional centers that can help someone suffering from a mental health issue to obtain positive coping skills in order to expedite the healing process.

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