Things you should know about the AIP diet – a different type of Paleo diet

Top things you always wanted to know about the AIP diet plan

Things you should know about the AIP diet – a different type of Paleo diet

The AIP diet is a food-based, relatively new approach to eliminate inflammation from a patient’s body. Autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc can trigger a wide range of detrimental activities – from causing the immune system to attack a person’s  healthy cells to causing damage to the small intestine’s lining, and more.

An AIP diet focuses on eliminating the foods which trigger inflammation to lower symptoms in the people suffering from an autoimmune disease. Though this diet shares similarities with the Paleo diet plan, they aren’t exactly the same. While an AIP diet plan contains many of the foods that are parts of a Paleo diet plan, the former is a much stricter form of the later. An AIP diet plan doesn’t allow many of the foods which are commonly allowed on the Paleo diet. It’s also important to note that a person, who is introduced to the AIP diet, needs to follow it for several weeks before he/she can start consuming foods outside of the diet.

Foods that can be consumed on the AIP diet

An AIP diet is rich in vegetables and meats, with the exception of nightshades. Other foods that can be consumed include olive oil, coconut products, fermented foods (those without dairy content), herbs, a variety of vinegars (those without added sugar) etc.

An AIP diet meal plan is thought to help in resetting the immune system, reducing symptoms of autoimmune diseases, preventing the autoimmune response, preventing the occurrence of a secondary autoimmune disease, etc.



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